1st Grade

I love teaching 1st grade! Reading is becoming fun, not a chore for the student. 1st grade art is absolutely adorable! It’s just a fun school year. Here’s how we handle it:

Math– We use Saxon 2. Saxon is teacher heavy for the first few years, but it pays off. Trust me! However, I have also been toggling between Saxon and Math Mammoth depending on the child. Math Mammoth is mastery based whereas Saxon is spiral. So it all depends on the child.

ReadingAll About Reading Level 2 At this point, the kids are great a decoding and have moved on to fluency practice.

Spelling– A new subject for the kids! I can’t say enough about All About Spelling level 1.

Grammar– For an introduction to grammar course, First Language Lessons level 1 is wonderful. There’s narrations, poetry memorization, and grammar rules to learn. My kids really love doing these lessons.

Handwriting– We continue using Learning Without Tears’ My Printing Book for 1st grade as well as a journal for extra copywork practice. We also use Keyboarding Without Tears to learn keyboarding.

Literature– As for the younger grade levels, I use Ambleside Online or Angelicum Academy‘s book list as well as book lists from Read Aloud Revival.

Poetry– We chose poems from The Harp and the Laurel Wreath, a fantastic collection of poems.

Geography– Modern Curricula Press has great workbooks for learning map work. I use Maps, Charts, & Graphs Level B in 1st grade.

Science– We simply do various Magic School Bus kits, and read books and watch shows on the particular unit study we’re doing.

Religion– This is the first grade I start using a formal program for religion. I usually just read and discuss a chapter in one sitting with the children, which means we only do this religion once a week. We use Faith & Life Our Heavenly Father. I usually don’t use the workbooks since our children also attend religion classes outside of the home twice a week as well, however, the workbook and teacher’s manual for Faith & Life is fantastic.

Arts & CraftsDraw, Write, Now Book 3 and various crafts and biographical picture books about artists from the library.