A Little Adventure

I like to take the wee ones on occasional surprise adventures.  They’re still at that age when everything and everywhere is exciting.  So am I.

Today’s adventure brought us to the Moody Gardens Aquarium.

Jack loved the stingrays and could tell me all about them from a book he just devoured.

Matthew loved the penguins and kept screaming “hi birds!”  I think a few of them swam by him on purpose.  I know I would if I were a penguin.

I had a great time trying to get Matilda to say anemone.  Jason had a great time making fun of the way I said it.

Liam was very excited to get his very own shark tooth, which he plans to make into a necklace.

They all had a good time stamping their shark passports for every different type of shark they spotted.

Of course a trip to Galveston isn’t complete without a ferry ride to the mainland.

I wonder what our next adventure will be…


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