Frugal Friday

Everyone loves that smell of fresh baked bread, right?  Well, I found a way to have that smell throughout my house while saving money at the same time!!

An awesomely awesome friend sent me a wonderful book called Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a day.  I use it ALL THE TIME!  It really only takes a few minutes at a time to bake some of the yummiest bread!

Here are the basic items I use to bake the bread: containers, a dough mixer, and a baking stone. (I hear that you can get a large tile from a home improvement store instead of a baking stone, and that saves you even more money!)  That’s it.


Money saved: 1 loaf of whole wheat store brand bread from my local HEB is $1.88  The cost of one batch of dough is around $2 (estimating here and that’s using the good King Arthur Flour too!).  One batch of dough makes 4 loafs of bread, so that’s $0.50 per loaf.  That’s a savings of $1.38 per loaf of bread.

Bonus: The book has a ton of recipes and methods for making pita bread, pizza crust, various pastries and much more!

Bonus part deux: I know exactly what’s going into my bread.  There are no preservatives or any of that nasty processed stuff.

Yay for smelling bread and saving dough!


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