Picture Valentine Cards!

I found this great idea for Valentine cards one year over at Brassy Apple.  My kids loved it so much that they ask me to do it every year.

It’s as easy as pie.  First, take a picture of a kid (either a random one or even your own!) with their fists raised.  We chose to do two lollipops, so I had them hold up both fists.  I also had them stand in front of our chalkboard with little drawn hearts all over it.

Next I uploaded the pictures to Picasa and added some simple text.  Then I printed two to a page at size 4×6 on some matte presentation paper.  I’m sure photo paper would be great too, but I just didn’t have enough on hand.

Last, I poked little holes at the top and bottom of each fist, then slid the lollipop right in.  I also added a piece of tape over the lollipop stick on the backside to secure it a bit more.

And that’s it!  Now your kids can pass out some sweet, personalized sweets!

4 thoughts on “Picture Valentine Cards!

  1. I wish I had seen this post before I bought and addressed all of John’s today. What a cute idea. Do you hire out?

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