Let them eat…well, you know.

We’re having a big birthday bash here in a couple of weeks for Matilda, Matthew and Max.  Matilda already told me what kind of cake she wanted months ago.  I realized she wasn’t talking about her cake just because she likes the way it tastes; she was talking about her cake because she remembers all the others I’ve baked for her and really just wanted one of mommy’s cakes.  I am by no means a baker (or is it baxter?) but I have gotten slightly better with each birthday.  I thought it would be fun to look at a pictorial evolution of my birthday cakes.  There have been some hits and misses but never any complaints!

We’ll start with the oldest…Liam:

Yeah, I know.  Good thing he was only one and just wanted to put icing all over his face.

Liam’s 2nd cake.  At least I didn’t try to write anything on it!

These are Liam’s 4th birthday cakes.  He requested the pineapple upside down cake.  I have no idea what I did for his 3rd birthday, so we’ll pretend it was magnificent.

Liam was huge into Mario when he was 5.  The cupcakes were ok, but the Mario and Luigi cake toppers were a big hit.

Ahhh, my skill is increasing.  I actually blogged about this in an old blog and that’s the one post that gets viewed at least once a week.  Here’s the post if anyone is interested.

Liam is still a huge Zelda fan, so we went old school for his 7th birthday and made an original Legend of Zelda Link cake.

And now for Jack:

This is my cupcake version of Thomas the Tank Engine.  Every boy goes through a Thomas phase (and by phase I mean obsession.)  This is actually Jack’s 3rd birthday cake.  I couldn’t find any pictures of his 1st and 2nd birthday.  Hopefully they’ll turn up someday so Jack won’t have to spend hours in therapy. 🙂

See what I mean by Thomas obsession?  He requested a cake with Diesel 10 chasing Thomas for his 4th birthday.  He loved it and that’s what counts, right?

If my kids had to pick one movie to take with them on a desert island, I bet it would be Wall-E…which stinks since the movie stuck in the car DVD player is The Last Unicorn.  At least we only turn it on for long trips.  The look on Jack’s face when he saw this cake made all the cramps in my hands from squeezing icing bags disappear.

Now Matilda’s turn!

Her first cake was rainbow on the inside and outside.  It was really fun to make!

Every trip to the library, we have to check out at least one Mo Willems book.  And every Mo Willems book has a pigeon hiding in it.  Matilda could not talk much at 2, but she knew how to say pigeon!

I think this was the most simple cake to make.  Just bake a round cake, cut a little off the top side to form ears, and voila! Hello Kitty cake!  I used tubes of icing that you get near the birthday candles in the grocery store to draw the face.  And there was a request to surround Hello Kitty with little Care Bears (found on Amazon and ebay) so we could have a full on 1980’s cake for a 3 year old.

And last but certainly not least, Matthew:

A rainbow cake with a mini banner on top saying “Happy Birthday Matthew.”  The cake was really tall and ended up falling over after we had eaten half of it.  But in the end, my nephew did say I make the best cakes. *blush*

I’m so glad my kids appreciate the cakes I make for them.  It’s so fun coming up with new ideas for each birthday.  And I hope they’ll remember these for a long time like I still remember fondly the Mickey Mouse cake my mom once made.

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