Another man’s trash…a little upholstery how to

I love walking the dog on trash night.  Can you guess why?  I bet you can!  I love looking at other people’s trash and imagining if I can make it new again.

Well I found the perfect old/new again piece while walking the dog one evening at the very end of my pregnancy.  I went straight home and told Jason which house to go to and what to pick out of the garbage.  All under the cover of dark night of course.

It was this hot pink pleather beauty.  An upholstered rocker for children.  Isn’t it screaming to be loved?  Well Jason agreed to trash pick it only when I promised that I would upholster it soon and not let it sit in the garage forever.

As you can see, it was pretty beat up.  So I carefully removed all the pieces of pleather.  I tried to keep them intact as much as possible so I could use them as pattern pieces.  I had to take apart some of the chair (it was held together with screws), but I made sure to document the order in which I removed everything.  At this point, I went to the hospital and had a baby.  This is not a necessary step, but I loved it.  I then laid out my new fabric and placed the old fabric on top and carefully cut around each old piece.  Going by my list, I worked backward to put the new fabric on.  For example, the fabric on the seat of the chair was the last I removed of the old, so it was the first I put on with the new fabric.  Make sense?  Most of the process was just stapling fabric on.  Only twice did I have to sew anything and that was for the back of the chair.  I also added a dust cover on the underneath of the rocker.  And the end result:

I think it turned out pretty nicely for my first attempt at upholstery!  The great thing was that the foam was all still in great condition and very clean, so I just reused it.  Now the kids can enjoy a cozy little reading chair!

I’m ready for my next upholstery project now!!  There are two chairs I got long ago from craigslist.  Hopefully I can get to them sometime this year.

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