The Bonn

Ahhhh graduation time!  The caps, the gowns, the excitement!!  This time of year always brings back fond memories of my high school years.  I went to a small school in a very, very small town in southern Louisiana.  One great tradition we had was making a book of will around prom time.  The seniors would each write a “will” to the younger students.  There were always the sappy sweetheart wills.  My then boyfriend left me “all the fun, all the good times, and all the fond memories of Kinder High School.”  Awww

But there’s one will in particular that I vividly remember after all these years.  It still makes me laugh as hard today as I did the first time I read it.  Here is the will from my older sister, Evelyn, to me:

I, Evelyn Demoruelle, being of sound mind and body, will all of my good times at KHS to the class of ’95.  I will my summer wardrobe to anyone who wants it.  Oh wait, y’all can’t wear shorts.  I will my clean lungs to all of you nicotine addicts.  They might come in handy one day.  To D’Ane, I will the ability to be on the driver’s side next time we get in a wreck.  But, a license is usually helpful.  I will Amy Saucier my ability to get out of class.  I will the Bonneville to my sister, Elaine.  Remember, always have 4 flashlights: one for the glove compartment, one for the interior light, one for the trunk (you might need to see to get the jack out), and one to strap on the hood when the headlights go out (duct tape might be handy too).  Also, don’t forget that the windshield wipers make this very annoying clicking sound; the driver’s side back door might require a crowbar; the rewind button on the radio doesn’t work (but, hey, it eats tapes anyway).  The car requires at least one mile stopping distance; always fill up before going home. (It’s a long walk.  Just ask D’Ane.)  The air conditioner squeaks when you go around a corner; that jingling noise is the change jumping in the ashtray; the back speakers are busted (it doesn’t sound too bad though because the front ones don’t work either); when vacuuming the carpet tends to come up (but what purpose does it serve anyway?); and don’t even try windex, glass plus, or any other household cleaner because the oil spot on the windshield is permanent. But hey, look on the bright side, there is always enough room for one more friend (but don’t go over the rail road tracks too fast because you might need the flashlight to get that jack out sooner than you think.)  After all, the Bonneville is the ideal car.  Trains stop for you, going down a dirt road is an improvement, and being keyed is no problem (it’ll just blend in with all the other dents and scratches).  Hey, be proud of the Bonneville.  Pretty soon, everyone will want one, and when someone does, throw them the keys and run.

Oh that car!  I still remember what is smelled like! And I never could get that darn oil spot off the windshield.  Do any of you Kinderites know if the will book is still being made every prom?  Do you other readers remember any end of year traditions at your school?

2 thoughts on “The Bonn

  1. I so much love this post. It reminds me of a simpler time, like when being up at 2am meant you were having a lot of fun, not because you were taking care of a kid. (BTW, it’s 2am as I write this) I think I vaguely remember that car. How long did you drive it for? At least that isn’t the car we were in that caught on fire on Ryan Street in Lake Charles. That was Matt’s awesome ride. Thanks for the memories in this post.

    1. I didn’t drive this one long because it had to be put down. hahaha I had the Volvo for most of high school. I loved that car! I remember Matt’s car catching fire! And do you remember Scott making the most annoying noise in the world on some of those late nights? I had such fun with you guys!!

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