World’s Greatest Dad…No, Really!

I don’t care what all you other ladies say, my husband is the world’s greatest dad.  Sure your husbands are swell at parenting, but mine, he does it all!  A few examples:

  • He does the laundry.  Yep, he even hangs it on the line!
  • He makes pancakes every Saturday morning for the kids.
  • He changes most of the really gross diapers on the weekend since I have to do it all week.
  • Every Saturday night at 10pm, he goes to a little chapel at church and prays to the Eucharist.
  • He doubles as a horse for tiny people.
  • He works super hard at his job to provide us with a home and the tons of food it takes to feed 5 kids.
  • He listens to me go on and on about homeschooling.
  • He comes up with the silliest nicknames for the kids that make them all giggle.  (Max is currently “Wiggleston J Butt”)
  • He helps me bathe and read to the kids every night.
  • He says prayers with the kids every night.
  • He shows the kids that real men mop the kitchen floor.
  • Even though he grew up with only one sibling, he never gave a second thought to having a lot of children.  He was just as excited about Max as he was about Liam.
  • He loves his kids with all his heart and it shows every minute of every day.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!!  We love you!!

2 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Dad…No, Really!

  1. Can’t tell you enough how proud I am that that wonderful Daddy of whom you speak is married to an equally wonderful wife and mother who appreciates him as much as I have.

  2. I am so touched by this post – actually brought tears to my eyes! You TWO have made wonderful parents and a wonderful COUPLE!! Congratulations!! You have a fantastic FAMILY! LOVE ABOUNDS and it is quite evident!! We love you all!

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