You Ought to be in Pictures

I used to hate hanging framed pictures or art.  Measure this, nail that…I always hung them off center or crooked.  Then I saw a technique that cured my picture hanging hatred!  I think the geniuses at Young House Love came up with this.  I will now share it with you!

Materials needed: framed art/photos you want to hang (obviously), roll of craft paper, pencil, scissors, painters tape, hammer, nails

Lay the picture down on the craft paper and trace around it with the pencil.  Cut out the shape of the frame.  Flip over your picture (backside up), place the cut out shape on top and poke a hole where the nail will go in the back.  (See the dot in the picture below?  That will help me know exactly where to put the nail.)

Using painter’s tape, hang up the cut out paper or papers.  Painter’s tape can be re-stuck quite a few times, so you can move the paper around until you get a configuration you like.

When you’re satisfied with the location, hammer away!  Remove the paper and hang up the pictures.

I did use a level a bit to hang the photos in the picture above but only because I wanted them all hung evenly.  Here’s an example of a set of pictures I hung without using a level at all:

This is a Max approved hanging method.

And yes, I’m aware he’s lying on a girly blanket.  He just really likes Amy Butler fabric, OK?

**Black and white photos by Wallace Standard Photography.  Alice in Wonderland and other paintings by Emily Martin and my mama.


2 thoughts on “You Ought to be in Pictures

  1. seeing those pics in their proper places warms my heart and somehow gives me a sense of place. Funny how that happens, reminds me that my work isn’t about me, not at all. 😀

    1. They are perfect. Everyone who comes in the house says something about those pictures. They always ask who took them then go on about how awesome they are. 🙂 And all 5 kids are in them (even though Max was hiding)!

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