Oliver + S Badminton Dress

A few months ago, I hit up the clearance section of fabric.com.  I found these great prints for a steal!  So I decided to try out the Oliver + S Badminton Dress for Matilda.

Even though the finished product may look a bit daunting for a beginning sewist, the dress was really easy to whip up.  And as usual with Oliver + S, the instructions in the pattern are so detailed, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake.  I’m sure it could be done in an afternoon of uninterrupted sewing.

I can’t decide what my favorite part about the dress is.  I love the ruffled shoulder caps, but I really, really love the scalloped bottom.

Next I’ll definitely try the top/skort version of the pattern.  That one is sure to be a winner for little girls who love to hand upside down on the monkey bars!

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