Vintage meets geek


I love pairing old, vintage style crafting with something unconventional.  I had the perfect opportunity to do this when a friend of mine from high school met an awesome lady and they decided to get married.  I wanted to make them something they can use in the new home they are making together, but I also wanted it to shout “Jeremy and Stephanie!!”


Since Jeremy and Stephanie are huge Star Trek fans, I decided to make them some trekkie tea towels.  Since I’ve seen every single episode of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, I knew exactly what I wanted the towels to say.  Above, I just had to use Jean Luc’s love of Early Grey.  I mean how could I not?!  It’s a tea towel!

IMG_5614For the other tea towel, I opted for a little Klingon drink (although I most often think of Jadzia Dax when I hear raktajino).

Wishing Jeremy and Stephanie many happy years! Qapla!

***Sorry for the abundance of wrinkles.  I’m not much for ironing. 🙂 ***Now let’s see how long until I actually mail the gift.  Hey, it’s all boxed up!  I’m just waiting for the new address!  And I won’t mention how long ago they actually got married.  Better late than never!!!


2 thoughts on “Vintage meets geek

  1. I love these…I love you. 😉 Seriously though, FANTASTIC work all around: the brain, the hands, the skill, the imagination.

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