I am a sinner

Yes, little ol’ me.  I am a sinner.  I would sit here and list all my sins, but honestly there’s not enough room on the internet and my priest would be out of a job.

I will, however, tell a few sins from the past couple of days.  Anger.  Judgement.  Hate.  That last one is pretty heavy and it’s been making me not a fun person to be around.  That darn abortion issue gets me every single time.

But we all sin, right?  We all make poor decisions at one point or another.  And sometimes those decisions have some huge consequences…consequences that we aren’t quite sure if we can handle.  I know I’ve been there more than once.

There are some things going down in Texas right now.  This is, of course, causing both the pro-life groups and pro-choice groups to froth at the mouth.  I’ve noticed a couple of things from both camps.

1. Not one person that I’ve talked to during the past two days is pro-abortion.  Not one.  And I have some super liberal friends.  Yes, I know this can spiral into a whole birth control debate, but I’m not going there…yet.

2. Not one person, to my knowledge, has talked to a pregnant teen or person with an unwanted pregnancy.  Well, there may be one exception to that, but that person runs a pregnancy help center. Pro-lifers know it is wrong, but we need to give these women help; let them know there are other options.

It’s as if we all want to cross the river into No Abortion land, but we can’t get started on building the bridge because we’re all arguing on how it should be built.  We are all sinners casting stones at each other instead of using them to build our bridge.

I’d like help get that bridge started.  I’d like to talk to the women considering abortion and the women who have had one.  There are thousands of people out there who want to help.  There are thousands who will help without judging.  There is no shame in a poor decision.  There is no shame in pregnancy or being a pregnant teen.  And for those victims out there, there is absolutely no shame in being raped!  None at all!  There are people who want to help no questions asked.  The Gabriel Project is a place to get started. Lifecall is also a great resource.

So I’m sorry to all the women out there with unwanted pregnancies.  We all got caught up in our football game.  We all got caught up cheering for our team.  We were yelling in the bleachers and forgot to look at you all alone on the field.  You poor thing, standing there not knowing which way to throw the ball.  So please, don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you carry the ball.




2 thoughts on “I am a sinner

  1. Hey Elaine! It’s Elizabeth. I took my cell phone swimming a couple weeks ago and killed my phone along with all my contact info. Is there any way you could text me your number and Kim’s? I would like to get together with y’all soon. Possibly even tomorrow if you get this email soon enough. Love your quilt by the way and I was sorry to hear about your etsy shop. Anya and I finally made that skirt together. She is giving it to her cousin for her birthday.

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