Stella Maris

IMG_6664Stella Maris was born on July 28th in the wee hours of the morning.  She weighed a whopping 8lbs 8oz!  I normally don’t do birth stories since mine are mostly uneventful and just run of the mill have contractions, go to hospital births.  Stella’s birth was a tad eventful.  My last labor with Max was very, very fast, so we induced with Stella.  We live in the burbs and the hospital is alllll the way in downtown Houston.  That’s a 40 minute drive in good traffic.  I was freaking out about the possibility of giving birth in our huge van so induction it was!

After being pushed back due to no rooms (not even in the stable!) I finally got a room and an epidural shortly after.  It was smooth sailing from there.  I got to read, sleep and relax through most of the labor.  But at the end, for some reason, the epidural suddenly wasn’t working.  I couldn’t move my legs one bit, but I could feel the full pain of every contraction.  The weird thing about me is when I’m having painful contractions, I tend to vomit.  I discovered this with my first child during the 5 minutes I was crazy enough to think I could have a natural birth with no medication…I couldn’t.

The nurse declared I was fully dilated and she was going to call the doctor.  By that time I was losing my lunch in a bucket.  With every wave of sickness, I could feel Stella move.  Finally she just came out.  But I was still all covered up in a blanket.  The nurse started moving a monitor on my belly trying to find Stella’s heartbeat because she was unaware that Stella was in fact on the bed under the blanket.  I, meanwhile,  was vomiting and pointing at my blanket.  It finally dawned on everyone what had happened, and Stella was picked up and put on my chest where she has been most of the time since.

IMG_6674For all you non Catholic readers, cough***my in-laws***cough, it’s tradition that we name our babies after saints.  Stella Maris is Latin and translates to Star of the Sea, one of the Virgin Mary’s titles.  And I can’t think of a better saint to name our little one after than the Blessed Mother herself.  And yes, we technically named our child Star Jones.

IMG_6734I’ll let the kids’ own words speak for how little Stella was received at the humble dwelling…

Liam: (before Stella’s birth) I’ll like her but not love her because she’s a girl.  (after Stella’s birth while holding her) I just love her soooo much!!!

Jack: I know I keep following you around while you’re holding her, but all her little noises are so cute…even her crying.

Matilda: I’ll teach her everything I know! (ahh 6 year olds…the keepers of all the wisdom)  Can I hold her now?  (She asks this at least 1 million times a day.)

Matthew:  You’re a good mommy because when Stella gets hungry, you feed her with those.  (Can you guess what he was pointing to?)

Max: My baby Tella!  And when we ask if anyone but him can hold her…NO!

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