Our Clay Rosaries

IMG_6760A week before Stella was born, my 8 year old suggested that we say a rosary every day for an easy and safe birth.  So every afternoon we’d all grab our rosaries and snuggle up on the sofa.

IMG_6761We said our rosaries every day during that week, and I often had to remind Liam and Jack to move down a bead because they would be staring at a particular bead they liked on their clay rosaries.

IMG_6764These are the rosaries I gave them for their First Communions.  Liam and Jack adore them.  I first found out about the Clay Rosary Girl from the beautiful blog Small Things.

IMG_6762Our final rosary was said on July 27th and Stella was born the next day.  On the same day Stella was born, the beautiful woman who handmade these rosaries and her unborn child passed away.  When I told the boys, they said one rosary for Sarah Harkins and her baby Cecilia.

IMG_6763I was planning on giving these clay rosaries to each of my children for their First Communions, but now I can just be really thankful that we have these two.  We’ll share them and take turns running the beads through our fingers and thinking of the kind soul whose fingers made them.

If you would like to contribute anything you can spare to her four beautiful children, please do so. http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/support-fund-for-the-harkins-children/211371


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