Summer Reading

I had high hopes of homeschooling through summer, especially since we ended school early so we could move.  Ask me how much school we did this summer.  Go ahead.  You guessed it…little to none! ha  Turns out we just all needed a big break.  Moving while in the third trimester and homeschooling 5 kids was not an easy task.  So we spent the summer by the pool eating frozen yogurt.

One schoolish thing we did do was read a lot.  So I thought I’d put together a little list of the books I read aloud to the kids and how the kids liked it.  This isn’t a “best of” list or anything.  The kids just picked out a few books and we snuggled up to read.  Perhaps I’ll do another list soon of books the kids read on their own.

1. Indian in the Cupboard  This was a random choice.  I had credit on my kindle, so I let the kids pick out a book.  We really enjoyed this one.  Jack, the boy who claims to hate every book I read, was actually asking for “just one more chapter” each night.  By the end of the book, the kids were fighting over the one little plastic indian we have in the house.

2. Because of Winn Dixie  I’ve always wanted to read this to the kids so I just picked it up one library run.  And we’re big Kate DiCamillo fans here.  This book was fun and the kids enjoyed it. Also I got to use my native southern accent for most of it. 🙂

3. Pippi Longstocking  I think this one was the biggest hit of the summer.  I kept finding kids sleeping with their feet on the pillow or deciding that they were going to be “thing finders”.  Warning: use a new translation.  I picked up a really old copy that used the word cannibals instead of natives.  I ended up having to explain what cannibals actually are.  Fun.

4. Mary Poppins  We just finished this up then watched the movie.  And I have to say that although I love, love, love Julie Andrews, the book was just so much better than the movie.  The book Mary Poppins was a bit sterner but I really liked her.  And the adventures she and the kids had were just so bizarre that it made the book that much more enjoyable.

5. The Borrowers  So I had a reason for choosing this book.  I really wanted to watch The Secret World of Arriety, but I wanted the kids to know the inspiration first.  I think our favorite part about The Borrowers was what they used for furniture and various items in their home.  I knew the kids were fascinated with little people living in the walls and floors, so I picked up a dollhouse door, painted it, and glued it to the closet wall in Matilda’s room.  The looks on the kids’ faces when they found the door was priceless.

6. Little House on the Prairie  My husband is reading this to Matilda (It was his favorite book growing up).  The boys had no interest, but I haven’t broken it to them that this is on their reading list this year.  They did like Little House in the Big Woods, especially the pig part.  Matilda absolutely loves it.  She tells me about Laura and Ma and Pa all the time.  We’re definitely going to continue the series.

And that’s it.  We have an even longer list for the school year and I can’t wait to get reading!

One thought on “Summer Reading

  1. Great book selections! It must have been such a thrill for your kids to find that little door in the closet. What a fun idea!

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