Cabin in the woods part 1

Here are a TON of pictures from our vacation that was allll the way back in May.  We stayed at an off-the-grid (run by nothing but a couple of solar panels, no interenet, no phone, no tv…Heaven!) cabin in the middle of nowhere in Roosevelt National Forest.  So here’s how a family of 8 vacations! Enjoy.


How sweet are Jack and Stella by the fire?!


An elk visiting for breakfast.


Yes, I bathed my baby in the kitchen sink!  One shower with 8 people, so I had to make do.


Jason became our bearded mountain man.  It was super cold, so we had to keep the fire going all week.  Pa Ingalls would have been proud!


The kids spent hours by the creek in front of the cabin.  They spent the time rock hunting, rock tossing, and building forts.


This is a completely working outhouse.  Last school year, the kids learned that outhouses in Colonial Williamsburg were called necessaries. Max kept running to this outhouse saying, “I need the necessary!”


This fog was carrying some huge snow clouds behind it.


When it was too cold and snowy to be outside, the kids spent time drawing or writing comics.  Here is Matthew explaining to Matilda the robot he wants her to draw.


This is Matilda’s robot creation.


A hill rose up behind the cabin.  This is the “mountain” Liam told everyone he almost reached the peak of.


Vacation reading: The Road, Pioneer Girl, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Reading The Road in the middle of nowhere with pitch black nights was not a good idea.  I was kinda scared!


Jack creating a comic.

More pictures to come…

6 thoughts on “Cabin in the woods part 1

    1. I found it on Airbnb! We knew we wanted to be near Rocky Mountain National Park, so I searched for cabins near there. This was actually on a homestead built around 1880 and the old school house was still there too. We were seriously in the middle of nowhere with no one else around except the couple that owned the property. The drive to the cabin was an 8 mile narrow dirt road over a mountain! The best part, super cheap for our huge family to stay the week!! 🙂 You guys would totally love it!! The drive is about 16 hours from here. And Rocky Mountain National Park was so so so worth the drive.

      1. Okay, I’m going to start looking on airbnb then. We’re really thinking about Colorado next summer so John can meet his godparents and this seems like the kind of thing that my husband would be very excited about.

    1. Link goes everywhere with us! We also have a little action figure Link that Matthew got for his birthday. Stella cries when another kid takes it from her so they can play with it.

  1. I finally got around to seeing your pictures!! Looks absolutely breathtaking!! Enchanting! I love the warm cozy cabin in the cold surroundings. I am so glad you and your family took this wonderful holiday and made precious memories for your little ones! Hugs!

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