It only took 6 years

We’re on our 6th year of homeschooling.  This seems so strange to me.  I never intended to homeschool, and up until this point, I considered us a “new” homeschool family.  I never really let it settle in my mind that this is a permanent situation.

Until this year.  And this year has been such an amazing school year so far, that I find myself eagerly looking forward to homeschooling years beyond this one.


This year I’ve embraced my homeschool vocation and have really allowed education to thoroughly weave its way through our day to day life.  And because of my attitude change, my children are much happier and eager to learn.  IMG_0353

I know that my attitude isn’t the sole reason why our school year is going so well. 🙂  Aside from my kids trying their best and just being awesome kids, I’ve finally found the mix of curriculums and resources that work extremely well for our family.  So over the next few weeks, I’ll give little reviews about different programs and insights to how we use them.

I’m not an expert on homeschooling, but I’m getting to be an expert on my kids!  Perhaps someone out there can benefit reading how to homeschool a kid with ADHD or how to manage teaching 4 grade levels while taking care of a toddler and a baby while juggling (kidding!) or how to encourage little ones to keep a nature journal.  These are things I’m learning along the way, so maybe, just maybe I can help someone out there!

So stay tuned for an overload of homeschooling posts!

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