First things first…

Before I delve into one thousand and one posts about what and how we use our home school curriculum, I’d like to talk a little about how I keep all those balls I juggle up in the air.


Let’s face it, teaching multiple grade levels at once is TOUGH! So to stay on top of things, I’ve come up with a few little tricks to make the school day run more smoothly.

First, assignment sheets!  Every evening I fill out an assignment sheet for the next day.  This details all of the work each child is supposed to do that day.  The kids have to finish every thing I list on the sheet before they can call the school day done.  If there are incomplete subjects done, they have to finish it on their own time.  All work is due Friday by the end of the school day.  Honestly though, the kids never have problems finishing the assigned work.  And this is for 3rd grade and up.  2nd grade down kiddos do most of their work with me. 🙂


Second, I must be prepared!  Once a month or so, I have a copy or print out fiesta.  I copy math forms (used in Saxon), religion quizzes, and print out anything needed for crafts etc.  I made the mistake of not doing this last school year (new move, little baby to take care of, excuse, excuse, excuse!) and I found myself constantly running back and forth from the school room to the office to make copies often.  Those little minutes add up!  Not to mention if I’m out of the class room for more than 5 minutes, the giggles start and the school work stops.  Not that I mind the cute giggles!

Third, and most important, prayer!!!!  I try to start each school day with prayer time.  I’ll admit I forget more than I like (which means a lot during our busy morning routine), and those days are always hardest.  Prayer in the morning calms and centers us so well!  I also set a reminder to go off every day at noon for the Angelus.  And I found a wonderful scriptural Rosary book we’ve been using.  My goal is to say at least one decade a day.


I hope to eventually add “circle time” in the mornings where we read a bit of scripture, pray and practice reciting some of the kids poetry memorization.  But in order to do this, I have to actually wake up before the kids do.

Yes, I realize the pictures in this post are random.  C’est la vie.

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