A Much Needed Slow Down

Lent…I had so many plans.  Stations of the cross, daily family rosaries, carefully planned out Lenten crafts for the kids, etc. Then my back gave out on me.  Not the “oh it’s a bit sore” kind of pain but the “I can’t believe walking is causing this many tears” kind of pain.  Most of my Lent plans flew out the window.

As always, God had different plans for me, and as always, He was right.  Having to be still has allowed me to take quiet time to pray, study my hobbies (obsessions) of rosary making and Iconography, and mostly to just sit down and chat with my kids.  My not being able to move much has also given my kids the opportunity to serve someone in need.  It’s amazing to see them brighten up when they have a chance to help me out by handing out snacks at snack time, or getting me a book from across the room.  I sometimes forget that they need the chance to earn graces as much as I do.

So I’m glad my Lent isn’t going the way I planned.  It’s going the way He planned, and it’s much, much better that way.


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