Humble Dwelling Rosaries

I like to make things…a lot.  Over the years I’ve taught myself how to knit (it’s the gateway craft), sew, quilt, and paint.  I’ve recently added a new skill to that list.  Rosary making!


Let me give a little backstory about how I started doing the very fulfilling craft.


It’s a tradition for us to get a special rosary for each kid as they make their First Communion.  We’ve done this with two children so far.  With Liam and Jack I searched far and wide and found these beautiful clay rosaries that they love.  I’ve written about them before.  Sadly, since these rosaries are no longer being made, I was at a loss.  Matilda’s First Communion is this year, and I couldn’t find a rosary that I thought would be perfect for her.


Matilda suggested that I make her one.  So we scoured bead websites, watched multiple videos, and I went for it.  I failed…a lot.  My first few rosaries were, well, ugly to say the least.  But I kept trying and kept getting better.  I learned where the good rosary parts are sold and what my style is.  I found that I really enjoyed the process.  And by enjoy, I mean I can’t stop.  Rosary making is such a relaxing process for me.  Selecting beads, finding really well made crucifixes, unrolling spools and spools of wire, I love it all!


I ended up with a large number of rosaries, so Humble Dwelling Handcrafted Rosaries was born!  All because of a suggestion by my 8 year old daughter.

I try to use the best rosary parts I can find.  Most of my beads are fair trade and eco friendly, meaning they are obtained using a process that respects people and the earth.  A fair price is paid to all of the craftspeople, vendors, and co-ops that these beads are purchased from.


There is an “heirloom” section in my shop as well.  These rosaries are made with crucifixes and centerpieces that are pure bronze.  Each bronze piece is hand cast using antique molds.  The chain is pure copper that has a patina to match the bronze parts.  These rosaries are made to be kept within families for generations.

So please stop by Humble Dwelling and have a look around!  I add new items every one or two weeks, so check back often!

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