A Few Birthdays and a Farm


Being very pregnant during “birthday season” around here can be a tad trying.  So this year wasn’t huge themed Pinterest Perfect Parties, but small and sweet celebrations.  First up, little Max turned 4.  He was very excited and told everyone that he spoke to that he’s not3anymorethankyouverymuch!  Max is such a sweet, empathetic child.  He always makes sure to ask me how my day was or how I’m feeling.  It’s really very sweet.


Matilda turned 8!!!  Yes, the cake doesn’t look the best, but oh my word did it taste goooood!  Matilda requested a sleepover party.  I never knew 7 and 8 year old girls could be so loud!  My suggestion is to invest in good ear plugs for any future sleepovers you may have. 🙂 Matilda is growing into a little proficient chef.  She loves helping to bake and cook and has a few solo things that she can do now.  I love watching the kids find their passions.


Matthew turned 6.  His aging seems to go more quickly than all the others for some reason.  He’s no longer the bouncing everywhere toddler, but a (mostly) calm kid who devours books.  He’s almost ready for chapter books, which amazes me since he only started really reading last September.


The day before Matthew’s birthday, we went on a field trip with a little Charlotte Mason homeschool co-op we attend.  I think Stella wanted to take all of the animals home.  I mean, look at this piglet!!


A few of the kids tried their hands at milking a cow.  I didn’t.


We also got to feed calfs.  I think it was a sweet little birthday celebration for Matthew.  It was nice to be out in the sunshine with all the animals.  Plus we got to buy some raw milk and made mozzarella cheese with it when we got home.  Best cheese evah!!

That’s it for birthday round ups!  The next group of birthdays comes in July with Jack, Stella, and Henry will finally be here!!!!!!

One thought on “A Few Birthdays and a Farm

  1. I didn’t know you had a cluster of birthdays! We have Matthew, Lilia and now Luke. Plus, other relatives (my mom, my FIL, and my sister). It’s a busy month! That strawberry cake looked delicious!

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