You Won’t Finish Your Curriculum


You’ve spent all summer planning, ordering, reading.  The calendar is perfectly filled out through May 31st.  Now the books are all lined up nicely on their shelves.  All of the supplies are bought.  Digging through the sofa cushions and looking under beds, the kids find all the missing pencils from last school year.  Sharpened, they are ready to write beautiful essays and reveal the most difficult sums.

Before you settle in that first quarter of school groove, know this, you  won’t finish every single bit of your curriculum…and that’s ok!

When I started out eight!! years ago,  I was so wrapped up in doing it all.  I researched and purchased what was of course THE BEST of all curriculum.  And we were to complete everything by the end of May.  It was written in the calendar darnit!


As the years went on, I changed curriculum more than I changed diapers.  We’re settled now on the best curriculum FOR OUR FAMILY.  Even that may change as the little ones grow.  And you know what, many, many times we don’t finish our curriculum before we declare summer break and jump in the pool.

Did the kids suffer?  Did anyone have to repeat a grade because we didn’t finish everything on my list?  Absolutely not!  The key, I finally discovered, was that it was my list.  In the beginning, I set expectations so high because I wanted to be the perfect teacher, prove to all that I can do it!   Eventually I started becoming so interested in the things my kids were learning, I became a kid myself.  We all started learning together.  Learning turned into a 365 day affair from dawn to dusk.  Each year we spend less time at the desk and more time on field trips, at the library, reading, playing, making art, just getting out there!

So take a deep breath.  Finish what you can of IEW or All About Reading or that geography book with good effort, then put on those hiking shoes and get out there in the world!


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