I’m emerging after a year of enjoying my family, learning new crafts, and all around rest. Since no one really reads blogs anymore (ok, yes, I still do because there are some really lovely blogs out there!), I’m revamping the site to be a homeschool resource for Catholic homeschoolers. As I’m approaching high school and a decade of teaching my children, more moms are asking questions about what our day looks like, what books we use, and how I keep my sanity.

New features of this site will include:

  • What curriculum I use for each grade level (with links)
  • Posts on curriculum in action
  • Tips and Tools on how I keep organized
  • online resources for middle and high schoolers
  • what our plans are for high school and beyond

I hope I can help at least a few of you navigate the world of at home schools! Be on the lookout for new content trickling in on this space.

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