Time to Exhale

This picture…these boys. I snapped this of the boys right after Max’s First Holy Communion. May has been rough with end of the school year activities. All activities seem to converge in May so that by the end, we’re all just exhausted! But there are so many good things…sacraments, school plays, smiles after winning unexpected awards. Still, it’s time to slow down.

Part of our slowing down involves exploring the area for fun parks or hikes. The more rustic the park, the more the kids seem to enjoy. Yes, my May calendar is still full, but I’m making sure to be more deliberate in spending time with the kids. High school planning is looming, and the planning is making all my time with them seem so fleeting.

So if you need us, we’ve decided it’s time to exhale. We’ll be sitting on the porch, still sweaty from playing at the park, waiting for the blueberries to ripen. Come pull up a chair and exhale with us. The blueberries are almost ready.

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