2nd Grade

2nd grade is a sort of bridge grade going from figuring out how to read and count to reading mostly for comprehension and learning how numbers relate to each other. I’m always amazed at the growth of my 2nd grade children.

MathSaxon 3. This is the last of the teacher heavy Saxon books. I still make it as hands on as possible using the manipulatives kit. Depending on what type of learner my child is, I may use Math Mammoth instead of Saxon. Either way, I use the facts practice program found on Math Mammoth’s site.

SpellingAll About Spelling 2. Can I admit that I’m also learning many spelling rules through this program?

GrammarFirst Language Lessons Level 2

HandwritingHandwriting Without Tears Printing Power as well as a journal for extra copywork practice. We also use Keyboarding Without Tears.

ReadingAll About Reading Level 3 The stories are getting longer in level 3, but since the kids have done all the previous levels, they can handle this with ease!

Literature– I use book lists from all around like Ambleside Online or Read Aloud Revival or Angelicum Academy. Some of our favorites for 2nd grade are Keep the Lights Burning, Abby, Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The Courage of Sarah Noble, My Father’s Dragon, Mr. Popper’s Penguin…the list goes on! I usually let the student have some silent reading time with these books then we discuss them.

PoetryThe Harp and the Laurel Wreath. I let the student chose a poem and they work on memorizing one stanza at a time.

ReligionFaith and Life 2 Jesus Our Life My children also attend Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at our parish, and we say a daily rosary and celebrate feast days often.

GeographyMaps, Charts, and Diagrams C During 2nd grade, we also start exploring other cultures. We absolutely love Around the World with Picture Books from Beautiful Feet Books. I’m able to check out most of these books through our library, but they can also be found on Beautiful Feet’s site or thriftbooks.com I aim this at 2nd grade, but other kids always join in.

Science– We use various Magic School Bus kits throughout the year and check out library books based on whatever we’re studying. Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are two great documentary resources.

ArtDraw, Write, Now book 4 and various craft and art explorations. This is also a good year to start teaching handicrafts like knitting or sewing.