3rd Grade

3rd grade sees a lot of growth in a child. Their interests and attention spans are growing, and they’re able to start doing a lot of work independently. I like to start challenging my 3rd graders, especially in language arts. I know this seems like a lot for a 3rd grader, but keep in mind some of these subjects, like handwriting, take only 5-10 minutes. Some are also done only once or twice a week. So this may look like a long list, but we don’t do it all every day. My 3rd graders are usually done with school by noon then spend the rest of the day playing or reading or doing handicrafts.

MathSaxon 5/4 is a lot less teacher heavy than previous years. I go over each lesson for maybe 5 minutes, unless they don’t really grasp the lesson, then we spend more time on it. If my child is using Math Mammoth (a mastery approach), we do Math Mammoth 3a and 3b from the Light Blue Series and the facts practice on the Math Mammoth site.

Composition– Here’s a new subject for the student! At this point, children have absorbed lots of literature (hopefully good literature), so now it’s time for them to write some of their own. I absolutely LOVE Institute for Excellence in Writing. In 3rd grade, we usually use the theme-based book Fables, Myths, and Fairytales. (note: in order to be able to teach this, you should take the self-paced Teaching with Style and Substance Course.)

Spelling– We continue our spelling journey with All About Spelling Level 3, a phonics based spelling program.

Reading– We continue our reading journey with All About Reading Level 4. This is the final reading level! The stories are just delightful, and the students learn so many more phonograms and various story elements.

GrammarFirst Language Lessons level 3

Handwriting– This is the first year I start to teach cursive. I use Handwriting Without Tears cursive We also use Keyboarding Without Tears

Literature– We choose books or short stories from sources like Read Aloud Revival, Ambleside Online, and Angelicum Academy.

Poetry– We choose poems from The Harp and the Laurel Wreath.

Latin- Minimus Latin is a cute starter book to start on Latin vocabulary.

History– 3rd grade is the first year we formally do history. In previous years, the kids just learn through picture books and trips to the museum. Story of Civilization Vol. 1 The Ancient World from TAN books is a great starting point for formal learning of history. Story of Civilization tells history through various stories and has great accompanying videos and activities. There are also maps for each chapter so that the children can make connections of historical locations to modern ones. I love to read D’Aulaire books along with our history and D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths work well here. These can be found at Beautiful Feet Books.

Science– This is the final year of Magic School Bus kits and accompanying books.

GeographyMaps, Charts, and Graphs D and National Geographic Archives

ReligionFaith and Life Our Life with Jesus

Music– Piano lessons and choir at our homeschool enrichment classes. We also listen to and discuss classical music at times.

Art  Draw, Write, Now book 5