4th Grade

While 3rd grade shows a lot of growth, 4th grade is when the children really start to rise up to challenges.

MathSaxon 6/5 a sprial program or Math Mammoth, a mastery program. I chose which math I use depending on which fits the student best.

CompositionIEW Medieval History Based Lessons pairs very nicely with the time period covered in history in 4th grade. In order to teach this book, you’ll need to take Teaching with Style and Substance seminar.

Grammar–  We begin using  Fix-it Grammar Book 1 The Nose Tree

Spelling– We continue learning new phonograms and spelling rules with All About Spelling level 4.

Handwriting– This is the final year we do a formal handwriting course. We usually use Cursive Success from Handwriting Without Tears. We continue with Keyboarding Without Tears as well.

Literature– We continue to use book list from resources such as Ambleside OnlineRead Aloud Revival, and Angelicum Academy.

HistoryStory of Civilization Vol. 2 The Medieval World from TAN books is a great history program. There are activities, videos, and the textbook tells wonderful stories to help the children better understand this time period.

GeographyMaps, Charts, & Graphs E and National Geographic Archive

ScienceElemental Science Logic Level Biology. I love how hands on this science is, and instead of using a text, the kids read from science encyclopedias.

Religion– We mostly intertwine our faith throughout every subject we teach. We also celebrate feast days of our favorite saints and read about them in addition to saying a daily rosary. As far as a text, I like Faith and Life Jesus Our Guide.

Latin– For classical Latin, I recommend Cambridge Latin. For ecclesiastical Latin, Memoria Press is a great program. For 4th grade, Prima Latina or Latina Christiana is great.

Music– Piano lessons and choral singing with a bit of classical music listening tossed in.

Art  Draw, Write, Now Book 6