5th grade

5th grade…the middle of upper elementary! If you and your child has survived homeschooling for this long, I have high hopes for you guys! 😉

MathSaxon 7/6 is what my 5th grade children use. I have to add that my children tend to be “mathy” kids. So if you child needs to slow down and do Saxon 6/5 or speed up and do Saxon 8/7, that would be great too.

ScienceElemental Science Logic Level Astronomy and Earth Science. This program has a lot of hands on experiments for astronomy and earth science as well as a guide on doing science fair projects.

CompositionU.S. History-Based Writing Lessons from IEW pairs wonderfully with the history studied in the 5th grade year.

Grammar– I use Fix-It Grammar Book 2: Robin Hood for 5th grade. The first few weeks are review weeks, then the book delves into more challenging grammar for the student to learn.

Spelling– We continue using All About Spelling Level 5

Literature– We choose books from various resources such as Read Aloud Revival and Ambleside Online. At this point, I try to choose books that correspond with what we’re studying in history.

Poetry– I let the children pick out poems they’d like to memorize from The Harp and the Laurel Wreath.

Geography– We use Maps, Charts, and Graphs level F in 5th grade. We also read and map out the beautifully illustrated Holling C. Holling books Paddle to the Sea, Tree in the Trail, Minn of the Mississippi, and Seabird. The book and map set can be found at Beautiful Feet Books.

History– At this point, most of my children are ready for a bit more of a challenge in history. I really love the Catholic Textbook Project! The first book in the series is From Sea to Shining Sea The Story of America. The book is from a Catholic perspective but isn’t afraid to point out where the Church made bad decisions. There is also a plethora of D’Aulaire books that can be read this year such as Leif the Lucky, Columbus, and Pocahontas.

Religion– We use Faith and Life Credo: I Believe for 5th grade. My children also attend an amazing Catholic education program at our parish as well as take a theology class at homeschool enrichment.

Latin– For 5th grade, our homeschool enrichment program uses Latina Christiana from Memoria Press.

Music– We continue piano lessons for this age as well as listen to a variety of music.

Art– Most of our art classes and theater are done at our homeschool enrichment school, but there are many great homeschool courses available such as Meet the Masters and Atelier.