6th Grade

When my oldest child hit 6th grade, I remember being so surprised by how far he had come. Gone were the days of slowly decoding words. He was now reading much more complex books and really thinking about what he was reading. My second child had a thirst for math by this point, and we spent so much time chatting about challenging word problems and how we can apply math in so many places in our lives. I hope you enjoy 6th grade as much as we have so far!

Math– This is typically the last year I do Saxon. We use Saxon 8/7. It’s a great spiral math program that really gives the kids a solid foundation. My super mathy kids usually go straight to pre algebra at this point.

Composition– For 6th grade we use Following Narnia Vol. 1. My kids truly love this theme based book! It teaches a variety of writing while also visiting (or revisiting) Narnia. This gives us an excuse to reread the Chronicles of Narnia.

Grammar– We continue with Fix-it Grammar Book 3 The Frog Prince. This book is more challenging than the previous two, but using this in conjunction with learning Latin gives the kids a solid foundation in grammar.

Spelling– We’re almost at the end of our formal spelling journey with the second to last All About Spelling Level 6.

Literature– We read various classics aloud as well as for assigned reading. I like the booklists on Kolbe Academy and Memoria Press. We also still read aloud to our older kids at least one hour a day. Read Aloud Revival podcast is a great resource for reading to older kid and families. We’ve grown to really love our family reading time in the evenings after dinner. 🙂

Poetry– We continue using The Harp and the Laurel Wreath for poetry memorization. I also hear The Grammar of Poetry is great. I may start using that with my upcoming 6th grader. I’ll report back after we try it a while!

Latin– My children actually take Latin at our homeschool enrichment. They use a program developed specifically for that program. However, Memoria Press’ Latin is a fantastic choice.

ReligionFaith and Life Following Christ

HistoryAll Ye Lands by Catholic Textbook Project is a great history book that covers world history through the mid 1800s.

Geography– We use Maps, Charts, and Graphs level G, which covers the world.

Science– It’s fun time! I love, love teaching chemistry! Elemental Science Chemistry for the Logic Level is in depth and fun!

Music– We do a variety of things such as sing in church choir, take piano lessons, and listen to a wide range of music.

Art– My kiddos take a few art classes outside of the home, but one drawing book I’d recommend for home are Drawing with Children and we also choose a lot of pictures to copy. I have the kids “draw what they see” and the more the practice, the better their skill is!