9th Grade

I debated for the longest time whether I should enroll my kids in an online school for high school. I had that feeling like I did when I first started homeschooling…what if I mess it all up?!! After much prayer and consideration, I threw caution to the wind and started building a high school! I also allowed space in the high school day to allow the kids to choose a subject they love and spend time delving into that.

  • Geometry Math Without Borders wins again! We’re using Geometry: A Guided Inquiry provided at Math Without Borders. Our Algebra experience with Mr. Chandler’s videos was so successful, we’re using the videos again for geometry!
  • Biology Prentice Hall Biology (I shop around for the best price and sometimes find good deals on thriftbooks.com) I also ordered Biology Honors lesson plans from Kolbe Academy to use for this course. These lesson plans have exams and help with labs. We plan to do the virtual labs Kolbe suggests as well as do some lab work at home. Another book I plan to read and possibly assign to my 9th graders is Chance or Purpose by Christoph Cardinal Schönborn.
  • History Lands of Hope and Promise from Catholic Textbook Project. My 9th grader and I are just going to read and discuss this (no exams or essays), and watch movies and read books from about North American history. This history book is just a supplement to the main history learned this year, which is covered in literature class (see below).
  • Composition IEW Student Writing Intensive Level C. My kids all really enjoy using IEW writing courses, and their writing is improving each year.
  • Grammar Fix It! Grammar Book 6 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight This is the last Fix It! Grammar book! I’m confident that after completing this book, my kids will have a solid grasp of grammar that will be used for years to come.
  • Literature This is the one class I’m enrolling my 9th graders in. We’re doing The Great Books Program from Angelicum Academy. 9th grade is the Greek year. Students will read from primary sources and have online Socratic discussions each week about the readings. There are also monthly essays graded by someone other than mom. 🙂
  • Geography National Geographic Archives using Angelicum Academy lesson plans.
  • Religion Didache Series Introduction to Catholicism. We also have fantastic theology courses at our homeschool enrichment program.
  • Logic There are great online logic courses at Angelicum Academy, but we use our homeschool enrichment program for this course.
  • Spanish (or any chosen language) We plan to use Rosetta Stone offered through Duke TIPS and various other sources such as Duolingo.