9th Grade

I debated for the longest time whether I should enroll my kids in an online school for high school. I had that feeling like I did when I first started homeschooling…what if I mess it all up?!! After much prayer and consideration, I threw caution to the wind and started building a high school! I also allowed space in the high school day to allow the kids to choose a subject they love and spend time delving into that.

  • Geometry Math Without Borders wins again! We’re using Geometry: A Guided Inquiry provided at Math Without Borders. Our Algebra experience with Mr. Chandler’s videos was so successful, we’re using the videos again for geometry!
  • Biology Prentice Hall Biology (I shop around for the best price and sometimes find good deals on thriftbooks.com) I also ordered Biology Honors lesson plans from Kolbe Academy to use for this course, which are a fantastic help. Biology lab is a must, so we use a kit and lab manual from The Home Scientist. It’s hands on and challenging!
  • History Our plan is to Classically educate our children in high school, so 9th grade is Greek year. For history, we use Kolbe Academy’s lesson plans and book lists.
  • Composition IEW Student Writing Intensive Level C. My kids all really enjoy using IEW writing courses, and their writing is improving each year.
  • Grammar Fix It! Grammar Book 6 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight This is the last Fix It! Grammar book! I’m confident that after completing this book, my kids will have a solid grasp of grammar that will be used for years to come.
  • Literature Kolbe Academy’s literature goes hand in hand with history for the Greek year. We use the lesson plans and book list from Kolbe.
  • Geography National Geographic Archives using Angelicum Academy lesson plans.
  • Religion Didache Series Introduction to Catholicism. We also have fantastic theology courses at our homeschool enrichment program.
  • Logic Memoria Press has a great logic textbook.
  • Spanish (or any chosen language) We plan to use Rosetta Stone offered through Duke TIPS and various other sources such as Duolingo.