All About Reading Level 1 Second Edition Review

**I was given All About Reading Level 1 Second Edition free of charge in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.** I’ve never really been one to mark “firsts”.  I don’t remember the dates of first steps, first solid foods, or first haircut.  The same cannot be said, however, for first story read. … Continue reading All About Reading Level 1 Second Edition Review

Summer Reading

I had high hopes of homeschooling through summer, especially since we ended school early so we could move.  Ask me how much school we did this summer.  Go ahead.  You guessed it…little to none! ha  Turns out we just all needed a big break.  Moving while in the third trimester and homeschooling 5 kids was … Continue reading Summer Reading

3rd Grade

3rd grade sees a lot of growth in a child. Their interests and attention spans are growing, and they’re able to start doing a lot of work independently. I like to start challenging my 3rd graders, especially in language arts. I know this seems like a lot for a 3rd grader, but keep in mind … Continue reading 3rd Grade

2nd Grade

2nd grade is a sort of bridge grade going from figuring out how to read and count to reading mostly for comprehension and learning how numbers relate to each other. I’m always amazed at the growth of my 2nd grade children. Math– Saxon 3. This is the last of the teacher heavy Saxon books. I … Continue reading 2nd Grade

1st Grade

I love teaching 1st grade! Reading is becoming fun, not a chore for the student. 1st grade art is absolutely adorable! It’s just a fun school year. Here’s how we handle it: Math– We use Saxon 2. Saxon is teacher heavy for the first few years, but it pays off. Trust me! However, I have … Continue reading 1st Grade

You Won’t Finish Your Curriculum

You’ve spent all summer planning, ordering, reading.  The calendar is perfectly filled out through May 31st.  Now the books are all lined up nicely on their shelves.  All of the supplies are bought.  Digging through the sofa cushions and looking under beds, the kids find all the missing pencils from last school year.  Sharpened, they … Continue reading You Won’t Finish Your Curriculum


Over the years, we’ve tried many, many different curriculum.  There are, however, a few programs that have been a constant here at Humble Dwelling that I’ll share here.  We of course study many things throughout the year, but the following is our core school work. RC History I spent a long time trying to find … Continue reading curriculum