Homeschool.  A word that excites, scares, and overwhelms people.  At least that’s what happened to me when I started oh so long ago.

Here I am, many years down the road, and I’m no longer scared or completely overwhelmed.  Just excited.

I’m now here to help you not be so overwhelmed!  I want to help all of you…those with big families, those that think they are qualified to teach (you ARE!), those that may not have the “crafty gene,” but want to do some tactile learning with your kids, and those who have no clue where to start.

Moving to Texas knowing nothing about the schools, homeschooling fell into my lap.  My first year, when my oldest was in kindergarten, I schooled using a hybrid school.  When I became more confident, I took the plunge and started completely teaching on my own.  I’m now teaching 5 of my children while the two toddlers happily destroy the house.

Humble Dwelling is a place where I answer the most asked questions, review various books and curricula, and talk about real life homeschooling…not the edited, perfect version where the kids all do school work joyfully and the toddlers never find the sharpies.

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