About Our Dwelling

Hello.  I’m Elaine.

I’m a Catholic mom of 7, and let me round off that cliché by telling you we are a homeschool family.  I live in Texas although I’d rather New England.  I like to make things.

A Few Facts About Our Family.

  • A new kid has arrived every two years since 2004.
  • A lot of people means we drive a bus.
  • We have a dog, two cats, and two fish.  Our turtle ran away…very slowly.
  • Our house is loud.  Very. Loud.
  • A dream of ours is to line every wall in our home with bookshelves.

What this blog can do for you!

It can make your dreams come true!  Not really.  But I do like to make things, organize things, and share things that are useful for big families.  I hope I can help you, even if it’s just a little bit.