Pre-K and Kindergarten

Play is the work of a child. For pre-K and kindergarten I try to keep it short. The lessons are short so that the children can spend many hours outside.

Math-30 minMath-30 minMath-30 minMath-30 minMath-30 min
Handwriting-10 minHandwriting-10 minHandwriting-10 minHandwriting-10 minHandwriting-10 min
Read Aloud-1-2 hours throughout the dayRead Aloud-1-2 hours throughout the dayRead Aloud-1-2 hours throughout the dayRead Aloud-1-2 hours throughout the dayRead Aloud-1-2 hours throughout the day
Reading-20 minReading-20 minReading-20 minReading-20 minPoetry-20 min
Science-20 minScience-20 minArt-1-2 hours
Sample Schedule for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten

Math– For pre-k, time is spent learning to count and write numbers, measure things by helping in the kitchen, and learning math through general play. In kindergarten, we use Dimensions Math from Singapore Math.

Handwriting– Learning Without Tears is a fantastic handwriting curriculum. For pre-k we use Kick Start Kindergarten and for kindergarten we use Letters and Number for Me.

Reading– We’ve always used All About Learning Press to great success! For Pre-k the kids work through the Pre-Reading Level and for Kindergarten the kids work through Level 1.

Literature– booklist coming soon. We read…a lot!

Science– We love Elemental Science for the Grammar Stage. Since Pre-k and Kindergarteners can’t handle too much writing, we mostly just do the experiments and readings. Our whole house runs on a cycle. We do biology, earth sci/astronomy, Chemistry, then Physics. All of the kids K-8 do the same science, just at different levels. This makes my life so much easier! I also take the littlest ones on many nature hikes and spend a lot of time outdoors to explore. And when in a pinch, Miss Frizzle will bail you out! The Magic School Bus books, science kits, and shows are wonderful!

Poetry– Pre-K and Kindergarten are the years my kids begin the journey of poetry memorization. I always tell my kids memorizing and reciting poetry is like exercising your brain. 🙂 They grow to enjoy reciting and it is really magical to have poetry wafting through the house. My number one go to book is The Harp and the Laurel Wreath by Laura Berquist.

Religion– We begin memorizing the mysteries of the rosary in Kindergarten if the child hasn’t done so by now. My children also attend Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at our parish and do many religious activities at our homeschool enrichment program.

Arts and Crafts– Handiwork, drawing, arts and crafts are woven into our daily lives. It’s mostly kid led at this point, which means a lot of drawing and coloring. Deep Space Sparkle is a great place for free activities.