Pre-kindergarten is such a sweet grade level to teach!! I mostly do nothing but read to and play with my little ones this age. We also do a lot of out door exploring and go on as many camping trips as we can!

However, when my four year olds see their big brothers and sisters doing school work, well, monkey see, monkey do. The following is what I typically do for the 3-4 year old crowd…

Handwriting– I love Learning Without Tears, so naturally we start there. My First School Book is perfect for Pre-k.

Reading– I have used All About Learning Press for 6 kids so far and have one more to go. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program! I start pre-k off with All About Reading Pre-Reading. The Ziggy puppet is a must. Trust me.

Poetry– There are a few books such as the classic Light in the Attic and Child’s Garden of Verses that are my go-to poetry books to read to my small children.

Religion– I don’t use a specific book for religion at this age. We focus on learning the prayers of the rosary by saying a daily rosary. We are also fortunate to have Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori religion class, at our parish. We also read about the saints often from this saints stories series.

That’s it! We also do arts and crafts, but that’s me giving them scissors, glue, markers, paper, or whatever to let them create! Any organized craft is usually a letter craft from All About Learning Press’ blog or saint crafts I find on Pinterest. We also start using Draw, Write, Now in pre-k.